Gaza is dying…..υπογραφές ει δυνατόν

Dear friends,
Gaza is dying — the battle is moving into its cities, jam-packed with 1.5 million civilians lacking food, medicine or water. President Bush undermined Thursday’s United Nations ceasefire resolution, and almost 1000 people are now dead. The borders remain closed — journalists can’t get in, and desperate civilians can’t get out.

But the global movement to end this war is building — our petition is at 430,000 signatures and rising, it has been delivered to top leaders at the EU, UN and Arab League, our US members are flooding their representatives with phone calls, and Avaaz members worldwide have donated over $120,000 to an ad campaign in key newspapers.

The pressure is working — so we’re ratcheting it up with hard-hitting US ads pressing Barack Obama personally for an immediate change of tack, face-to-face petition deliveries to European leaders this week to get them to act, and working with Palestinians and Israelis to plan bold actions on the ground. But every one of these actions becomes stronger as more of us join the campaign. We need to reach 1 million signatures this week — sign the petition now and let’s forward this email to all our friends and family:

As the awful Gaza death toll approaches 1000, our Ceasefire Now petition is being delivered worldwide through ads, phone calls, and meetings with world leaders. We urgently need to reach 1 million signatures this week, act now:

Sign Ceasefire Petition,
see our US ads!


11 thoughts on “Gaza is dying…..υπογραφές ει δυνατόν

  1. δεν διαφωνώ με όσους έχουν ενδοιασμούς, αλλά θεώρησα σωστό να το ανεβάσω. Από κει και πέρα ο καθένας κρίνει και αποφασίζει.

    @@@sofistis…φιλε μου, αν ειχα τέτοια επιρροή, θαταν αλλιώς το σύμπαν….

    @@meniek….thanks love

  2. τσουκνίδα \\
    μεσα σε ολες τις άλλες πρωτοβουλίες, μια ακόμη, αν και η συγκεκριμένη οργάνωση δουλεύει καιρό έτσι…
    anepidoti σαν τί θα μπορούσε να γίνει ;

    despinarion….ενταξει…δεν θα μετρήσει. Εχει να κανει ομως με τη συνείδηση του καθενός….


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